Frequently Asked


Our tours  are designed for adventurers who are in relatively good physical shape. We rate the difficulty level of each tour from Easy to Extreme in order to help you decide which route is most appropriate for you given your aptitude and prior experience. 

In establishing a difficulty level, we consider the difficulty of the routes, the daily activities planned, the total distance covered in each itinerary, the altitude, the likely variations in temperature and weather along the route, as well as the general conditions experienced and services available along the way. This information should serve as a good general guide for most travelers. 

Easy —  The terrain is fairly easy, and all long distances are traveled in a transport vehicle. Our easy itineraries are designed for anyone and everyone who wants to visit a specific destination.

Moderate — Requires about three to four hours of walking each day. You don’t have to be an experiened excursionist, and it is not necessary to be in excellent shape. But you do need to come with positive, can-do mentality. 

Challenge — Reuqires six to eight hours of walking. We recommend that you be physically fit and willing to climb regularly to elevations over 3,800 m (12,467 feet) and at least once to 5000 m (15,404 ft) above sea level. 

Extreme — These are expeditions or adventure sports that are among some of the most challenging in the world, and should only be undertaken by those who are in excellent physical shape and who are mentally prepared for a true adventure.