1.5 million tourists came to Machupicchu last year.

Prom Perú published the figure that measures tourist activity at the citadel during the past year.

When Peru’s name is mentioned around the world, the first tourist destination that comes to Peruvians and foreigners’ minds is Machu Picchu.

The truth is that the Inca citadel continues to attract attention and more and more tourists.

This is shown by the report prepared by PromPerú with information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), which shows the increase in visits by 12%, from 1,411,279 tourists in 2017 to 1,578,030 during 2018.

In terms of place of origin, foreign tourists accounted for 78% of total visitors, while Peruvians, 22%.

Thus, while the interest of our compatriots to know the Inca citadel generated an increase of 3% in visits, the number of people who left their country searching for an adventure in Machu Picchu saw an increase of 15%.


It should be noted that the country that received the most tourists was the United States, followed by Brazil, Chile, Argentina and France.

The time of year Machu Picchu was visited was also recorded in the report, concluding that 11% of foreign tourists came to Peru in July, while 16% of compatriots lived the experience in August.

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