Activities will be announced for Machupicchu’s 12 anniversary as a world wonder.

It is planned to enable new circuits for accessing the citadel.


It has been 12 years since  July 7, 2007 when New Seven Wonders Foundation declared the Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary as part of the 7  worldwide wonders. Today in Peru’s Republic congress, both the local authorities of Cusco and representatives of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (Promperú) will present activities that are being organized for the celebration.


Darwin Baca,  Machu Picchu village mayor, said that from this distinction, tourism in the archaeological complex has been increasing between 8 to 10% each year, reaching 2 million tourists. The authority said that among the closest plans in relation to the complex are to make neighboring communities enjoy the services of the Sector: “We are coordinating with Sernanp (National Service of Natural Protected Areas) and Culture directorate the expansion of new circuits according to Machu Picchu’s master plan, as is section four, from Piscakucho, Choqellusca, to Machupicchu, “stated Baca according to Diario La República.


Recall that last year celebratory activities, such as the raising of the national pavilion and the civic parade, brought together more than five thousand people between local citizens and national and international tourists.

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