Colca Valley wil be signalized

Authorities are looking to promote adventure tourism

By guaranteeing tourists’ maximum safety, the Colca and related villages autonomous authorities (Autocolca in Spanish) will launch the signaling of the Colca Valley based on international standards and patterns, according to the institute manager, Francisco Portugal. For this purpose, 1 million soles will be allocated to the project, whose call will be international in the coming weeks.
The initiative will include tourist places signaling such as La Cruz del Cóndor view point, Uyo Uyo ruins, hot springs and new destinations located, especially in Caylloma province upper part. Portugal stressed as well that the project will be comprehensive, so it will include the 20 districts of the province in order to track told and new routes. In this regard, the less popular spots will be identified so that they can be disseminated.

Similarly, the Autocolca representative mentioned that his office is looking to promote adventure sports in the Colca Valley, for which agencies that meet stipulated requirements by law in a joint work in coordination with the Regional Management of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Arequipa will be called. Portugal concluded by announcing that various activities will complete the program for the 33rd anniversary of Autocolca this month.

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