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Peru is the land of the ancient Incas, and amazing civilization that knew how to mastered their rough geography and to cohabited in harmony with the river, the sun, the sea, the rain, the Amazon, mountains and Andes frezzing. They knew how to adapt to their environment and they survived thanks to the Pachamama advantageous fruits.
Part of that millennial society lives currently in every village and they use the same customs that their predecessors used to do. Arrive at Peru is like a time travel, since you are able to discover ancient civilazations such as Incas, Chancas, Chachapoyas, Mochicas and Wari, and discover their art, parties, construction sites, their men’s energy and the roots of their social strength.
Live the tourism and discover a diversity of landscapes, sounds, colors and unique flavors. Travel through time by ancient civilazations and share with Peruvian people their large cultural heritage. Enjoy endless cities, destinations, and experiences that you must live in the flesh, once you will have visited its roots and destinations.
Caral, the first civilization in America, Pre-hispanic Cultures, Inca Empire, Inca and Spanish world fusion, Peru and its western influence, eastern and African, deserts, mountians, forests, Amazon and sea; exotic landscapes, flora fauna and a big variety of cultural expressions. All of it, this is Peru.

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Top places in Peru



    Explore amazing natural landscapes, secret and flavours that Cusco’s jungle hides. Discover breathtaking waterfalls and learn chocolate,coffee and honey making process explained by a local family. Indulge your palate by…

    from $450


      ACTIVE, Mountain

      Explore Machu Picchu and Rainbow mountain,two world’s wonder in a stunning trek by mountains, everlasting snow-capped mountains, turquoise-colored lagoons and color mountains that end up visiting the citadel of Machu…

      from $480



        Explore Ausangate snow-capped mountain. (6373m), Peru’s fifth highest mountain and one of the most beautiful on the south of the country.  The Ausangate is considered Cusco main “Apu”, a deity…

        from $380



          Walk through changing landscapes and explore mountain pass decorated with snow. Discover unique and stunning scenarios. Explore Choquequirao and Machupicchu , a unique and complete circuit where you will calm…

          from $980



            Explore the Colca Canyon, explore unique paths that will drive you to remote villages and overnight in an stunning oasis. Share traditions and customs, learn about dialy life activities with…

            from $280

              LLAHUAR COLCA TREK


              Discover landscape changes along the 100-km-long canyon in one of the world’s sharpest canyon. Share traditions and customs, learn about dialy life activities with Colca local families   –>>DEPARTURE 2019: …

              from $350

                PERU TREK


                Explore the beautiful circuit of Salkantay and finish your adventure in one of the world’s seven wonders, Machu Picchu. Explore the deepest part of Colca Canyon, considered one of the…

                from $2,800
                Salkantay_Machu Picchu_Salcantay


                  ACTIVE, Hiking Trips

                  Walk by the beautiful Vilcabamba mountain range, have a comfortable rest at camping tents without using rare items that may polute the circuit’s beauty. Performed under the Salkantay holy mountain…

                  from $450

                    CHOQUEQUIRAO TREK

                    ACTIVE, PEOPLE-CULTURE

                    A chance to visit this wonderful sanctuary located at the top of the mountain, Choquequirao, a place where few ones can get. ‘Choquequirao five full day trek’, a less popular…

                    from $470
                    Lares - Trek

                      LARES TREK TO MACHU PICCHU

                      ACTIVE, LAND TRIPS

                      Explore from turquoise colored lagoons and great heights to quiet villages where little shepherdess take care of their alpacas. Lares Trek does not include as many ruins as any other…

                      from $550

                        HUMANTAY LAGOON


                        Explore the magical turquoise color lagoon, enjoying delicious cuisine along with a local family. Discover and unleash your imagination between mountains covered in permanent snow. –>>DEPARTURE 2019:  Every Day<<–

                        from $120
                        Condor's Canyon

                          CONDOR’S CANYON

                          ACTIVE, BIRDWATCHING, PHOTOGRAPHY

                          Discover the beautiful Apurimaq canyon, enjoy while you see the condor flying over the skies in its natural state. Explore the beautiful Quillarumiyoc Inca spiritual center and the architectural wonder…

                          from $120

                            RAINBOW MOUNTAIN

                            ACTIVE, Hiking Trips, Mountain

                            Discover this incredible place by trekking, surrounded by llamas and alpacas in a unique scenario that the Andes offer; explore the beautiful red valley; unleash your imagination at 5020 meters…

                            from $100
                            Mapi Deluxe

                              MACHU PICCHU – DELUXE

                              ACTIVE, By TRAIN, LAND TRIPS

                              Exclusive and personalized assistance from pickup, shuttles in Cusco and Machupicchu. Embark yourself in a stunning trip by train (Belmond Hiram Bingham) to Machupicchu and explore this world wonder along…

                              from $850

                                PANORAMIC – MACHU PICCHU

                                ACTIVE, By TRAIN, PERU JOURNEYS

                                Exclusive and personalized assistance from pickup, shuttles in Cusco and Machupicchu. Embark yourself in a stunning trip by train (Vistadome Train) to Machupicchu and explore this world wonder along with…

                                from $340

                                  Condor Canyon

                                  ACTIVE, Hiking Trips

                                  The condor canyon is a place where we can locate the Andean condor, called sacred bird of the Incas, This place offers visitors the majestic flight of the condor in…

                                  from $60

                                    MAGICAL PERU

                                    FAMILY TRIPS, NATURE-WILDLIFE, PERU JOURNEYS

                                    MAGICAL PERU It’s a combination of incredible adventures in a 19 day trip that includes one of the world’s seven wonders, Machupicchu, Peru’s exuberant Amazon, sacred valleys, colored mountains, deep…

                                    from $3,200

                                      THE MAGIC OF PERU

                                      NATURE-WILDLIFE, PERU JOURNEYS

                                      Experiment through this 17 day tour the magic of Peru that will take you to enigmatic places, hidden in traditions and customs. In Peru’s coast discover Pre-Inca culture’s vestiges, including…

                                      from $2,860