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Peru is ancient Inca’s land, an amazing civilization that knew how to master their rough geography and cohabit in harmony with the natural elements around them, such as the river, the sun, the sea, the rain, the Amazon, the mountains and the Andes freezing.

They knew how to adapt to their environment and survived thanks to the Pachamama advantageous fruits.

Part of that remain millennial society currently lives in villages around the country and use the same customs that their predecessors, ancient civilizations, civilizations such as the Incas, Chachapoyas, Mochica and Wari.

Discover their art, construction sites, their men’s energy and the roots of their social strength. Live the tourism and discover a variety of landscapes, sounds, colors and unique flavors.

Travel through time by ancient civilizations and share with Peruvian people their large cultural heritage. Enjoy endless cities, destinations and experiences that you must live in the flesh, once you will have visited its roots and destinations.

Caral, America’s first civilization, Pre-Hispanic cultures, Inca Empire, Inca and Spanish world fusion, Peru and its western, eastern and African influence, deserts, mountains, forests, Amazon and sea, exotic landscapes, flora, fauna and a wide diversity of cultural expressions, those are one of the places and experiences you could live, all of it in one place, Peru.

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    MAGICAL PERU It’s a combination of incredible adventures in a 19 day trip that includes one of the world’s seven wonders, Machupicchu, Peru’s exuberant Amazon, sacred valleys, colored mountains, deep…

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