Fiesta y leyendas al pie del Titicaca

Party and legends at the foot of Titicaca Lake

Puno rises among the andean plateau and it has the Lake Titicaca presence on its lands. The lake was a holy place for Incas and it’s crowded with natural and arficitial islands. Puno has prehispanic archaeological sites called chullpas, which attire tourist attention year after year. Its churches feature a marked colonial architecture. We can say Puno is a proud people for its past quehua and aymara and its folkloric traditions that can be seen in dances and rites performed during “La fiesta de la candelaria” party.
Location: It is located in the southern sierra (highlands) of Peru, shares a border with Bolivia. It has basically, a flat relief due to a large part of the territory is in the Collao plateau. For cultists of the experiential tourism, fans of archeology, admirers of religious monuments, collectors of handicrafts, enthusiasts of popular traditions, wild animals and adventure sports lovers.

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Discover Puno


    Peru – Bolivia – Chile

    21 Days

    Flight over the enigmatic Nazca lines, in Peru’s desert. Discover Colca Canyon families life style. Explore one of the world’s seven wonders, Machupicchu. Release all your creativity in order to take great pictures in the mirrored-landscapes of Uyuni, Bolivia

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      19 Days

      It’s a combination of incredible adventures in a 19 day trip that includes one of the world’s seven wonders, Machupicchu, Peru’s exuberant Amazon, sacred valleys, colored mountains, deep canyons and arid deserts.

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        17 days

        Experiment through this 17 day tour the magic of Peru that will take you to enigmatic places, hidden in traditions and customs. In Peru’s coast discover Pre-Inca culture’s vestiges, including the mysterious Nazca lines, visit one of the deepest canyons…

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