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Incredibly Peru’s Rainbow Mountain is the second most visited attraction in the country after the Inca Archeological ruin of Machu Picchu. With about 1,000 people per day making the pilgrimage to the top of this remote mountain,
Surprisingly, just 2 years ago no one had ever heard of Peru’s Rainbow Mountain. It was said that a writer from National Geographic came to Peru in search of discovering something new. which later went viral. Since that day the tourism to the Peru’s Rainbow Mountain has boomed with increasing numbers making the trek every day.

Officially known as Vinicunca Mountain the mountain also goes by other names such as ‘Rainbow Mountain’, ‘Mountain of Seven-Colors’ and also the Spanish name of ‘Montaña de Siete Colores’. Peru’s Rainbow Mountain is one of many mountain ridges in the area formed by mineral rich lava spewed up from the depths of the earth during the formation of the Andes. Shaped by millions of years of weather erosion the different layers of colorful rock are visually stunning in appearance. A local investigation by Cusco’s Cultural Landscape Office revealed that the mineralogical composition of the mountain is made up of clays and stone rich in iron, magnesium, calcium carbonate and silicon dioxide among others.

This trek is for people with a good sense of adventure, a moderate to good level of fitness and desire to challenge themselves. This trek is NOT for people looking for a relaxing day out, have poor physical fitness any medical issues (especially heart conditions) or those that don’t do well at high altitudes.

Trek difficulty: Difficult
Hiking distance: 2.1 miles (3.4 km’s)
Actual Hiking Time: 1-hour 30 min – 2-hours.
Starting elevation: 14,763 feet (4,500 meters)
End elevation: 16,732 feet (5,100 meters)
Elevation difference during trek: 1,968 feet (600 meters).

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Best Season:All year
Popular Location: Machupicchu , Cusco

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