Go visit Salkantay

Choose to hike the Salkantay Trail, The four-day, 46-mile route is one of the most popular alternatives to the Inca Trail, The route’s namesake peak, Nevado Salkantay, soars to more than 20,000 feet above sea level. Though it is merely the twelfth highest peak in the Peruvian Andes, it is one of the most revered. Tawny-colored mountains surrounded us, their summits concealed by low clouds. Horses grazed beside earthen-walled homes, black-and-red moths fluttered past, along path, providing a placid morning soundtrack. “In one day, you’re going to see everything,” “Around the world, there are 117 different ecological life zones.Peru has 84.” made this fact especially evident, since you deside from the snow-capped pass’s puna grassland into a humid Amazonian rain forest in matter of hours.

No matter the final destination of a trip—even one as magnificent as Machu Picchu—it is the wonders that unfold along the way that bring us the deepest joy. but it is a reality all roads lead to Machu Picchu

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Best Season:March to December
Popular Location: Humantay Lake, Machu Picchu.