Things you have to know to enjoy Machupicchu

Book your tickets in advance: All non-Peruvian people who visit Peru come to Machupicchu, so we suggest planning these trip months ahead. In case you want to travel on your own, you can get Machupicchu entry tickets usually in 2 or three months in advance, in order to do that, you’ll have to visit the Machupicchu web page (

With us, at Peru Travel you can get everything you need about your Machupicchu trip, since hiring an agency means that you will have no reason to worry about nothing, we will give you everything in order for you to enjoy one of the world’s seven wonders.

 There are three routes to get Machupicchu:

  • Inca Trail:  If you are in good shape you can take this trip, because you’ll have to trek around one or two days. Consider that the Inca Trail elevation varies quite significantly and people often struggle with altitude sickness, especially if they have not spent much time in Cusco prior to trekking the trail.
  • By Train:  Nowadays, most tourists that arrive in Cusco, opt to take this option, since few people don’t have much time to spend in the city. If you take this train, your trip will take one full day (05:00 – 21:00 hrs)
  • By Car: This trip takes Cusco-La Convencion- Machupicchu route, by traveling from Cusco to Santa Maria, then Santa María – Santa Teresa and finally Santa Teresa – Hidroeléctrica, where you will be able to take a train or trek (by train: 30 min; by foot: 2 hours)

Clicking here you can get more information about  ways of traveling Machupicchu, prices, more tips and everything you need to know to have a good time at Inca’s lost city. If you have more questions, you can send us an email.

Take some snacks and a lot of water

At  Aguas Calientes or Machupiccchu Village, you will be able to buy the must ítems for your trip, keep in mind that water is not available in Machupicchu, so bring a large water bottle (or two) with you. Overpriced bottles of water are for sale just outside the site. Eat before entering because food is not allowed on the site. If you want to eat in a restaurant, there are some unscrupulous restaurants in the area that add a 20% “special tax” to your bill at the end of a meal. This is usually not stated on menus so it’s best to ask if such a tax is added before ordering.


If you take the Inca Trail, the most adventurous way to get Machupicchu, the highest point of the Trail is a whooping 4200m above sea level. That’s 4.2km higher than where most of the population lives. So if you don’t suffer from altitude sickness (headaches, nose bleeds and dizziness), We would suggest staying in Cusco for at least two days before you hike. Cusco is an impressive little town filled with lots of things to do and explore. It has great nightlife, a tonne of ruins nearby to explore and markets filled to the brim with those cool handmade alpaca sweaters and beanies. It would be a nice idea to pick some items from these places.

Packing essentials

Depending on what time of year you choose to go, you will probably need to pack for all seasons, since Cusco and Machupicchu weather may change in a second. Rain gear is a must if you visit between November to March. Generally, you’ll need a mix of clothes so plan to pack and dress in layers as the temperatures can be quite warm during the day but get chilly at night or when it rains. The other option is to pack light and buy some souvenirs. You can easily pick up locally handmade hats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters all made from alpaca wool. Don’t forget the sunblock, hat, walking shoes and mosquito repellent and if you have an umbrella

Take a good camera

Whether it is at Huayna Picchu or at the same citadel, Machupiccchu is full of stunning spots to capture beautifully, high resolution pictures of your trip, a good camera is essential. If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a DSLR camera, now is the time. Also capturing some cool shots and angles with a Go Pro would be worth the investment.




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