THE PERU TRAVEL is a professional tourist operator, qualified for arranging and running expeditions in Peru and South America. In turn, acts only of an agent of any transport operator, hotel, or service suppliers related to specific expeditions. The suppliers are the only ones responsible for providing their respective services. The passengers’ tickets that are used by the transport operator will be the contract between the passenger and the transport operator, and transport operators will not be responsible for any act, omission or event during the time that participants are not boarding their transportation means.

The core, subsidiaries, employees, affiliates, directors, officials, successors, representatives, and the tourist operator from THE PERU TRAVEL will not take any responsibility for:

 Any damage, loss of personal belongings, injury or death of people directly or indirectly occurred by an act or omission of any other supplier included, any malfunction in any aircraft, watercraft or vehicle operated or provided by the mentioned supplier.

 Any loss or damage due to delay, cancellation or interruption in any form caused by regulations, law, lawsuit, orders or interposition of any government or any subdivision or agent of the mentioned government, acts of God, strikes, fires, floods, wars, rebellions, terrorism, insurrection, diseases, quarantine, epidemies, steal or any other out of control. The participant waives any claim against THE PERU TRAVEL or for any loss, damage, injury or death.

 By signing up for an expedition, the participant certifies that there is no mental, physical or any other disability that may create a risk for himself or for other participants. THE PERU TRAVEL reserves the right according to its exclusive criteria to accept, refuse or remove any participant from the expedition. THE PERU TRAVEL reserves the right without penalty to make changes to the published itinerary as long as according to its criteria, conditions justify or consider it as necessary or participant’s comfort, convenience and safety.

 THE PERU TRAVEL will not take any responsibility for fines or cancellations produced by flight companies incurred by the purchase of non-refundable tickets to or from the participant’s expedition departure city. The luggage and personal belongings are the participant’s exclusive responsibility.