Safety Concerns


Participants are responsible to have the required documentation for their expeditions, such as valid passport, visa, vaccination certificate and any other necessary document. Lack of documentation does not cancel terms and conditions and any other additional cost. An expedition without the necessary documentation will be participant’s responsibility.

Health Requirements

Participants must be physically and mentally healthy. Any physical condition, diet or treatment that requires special attention must be informed the moment of booking. THE PERU TRAVEL encourages participants to see a doctor in order to have specific medical counseling about certain activity or destination. Before the trip starts, certain expeditions may require a medical consent from the participant as participation condition.


In case that the participant is incapable enough to be unable to direct his own care, there is no one in the expedition who can take care of the participant, and THE PERUTRAVEL cannot or does not have time to communicate with participant’s emergency contact. The participant, when registering and paying a deposit for an expedition, authorizes any medical treatment found it necessary in case of any injury or illness while participating in the activity, including, among others, X-rays, examinations, anesthetics, medical or surgical diagnosis, or treatment and hospital care considered advisable and that should be provided under the general supervision by a duly authorized and competent doctor to provide the necessary care. In addition, the participant certifies that he has medical insurance that will cover personal accidents, medical expenses, medical evacuation, air ambulance, effect loss, repatriation costs and all other expenses that may arise as a result of the loss, damages, injuries, delays or inconvenience for the participant, or that, in the absence of this medical insurance coverage, the participant agrees to pay all the rescue costs and / or medical services that may be incurred on behalf of the participant.


THE PERU TRAVEL reserves the right to take photos or videos during the expedition or part of the same expedition and to use photos, videos or footage for promotional or commercial use. By making a reservation for an expedition, the participant accepts to allow his persona to be used by THE PERU TRAVEL, without compensation to the participant. In case the participant prefers his persona not to be used, he should notify THE PERU TRAVEL before the expedition starts.


By registering for an expedition, the participant acknowledges that he or she is aware that trips such as the expedition are related to potentially dangerous activities, some in remote areas, with a high risk to disease, injure or death that may be caused by forces of nature, disease, intentional or criminal conduct by terrorism or third parties. The participant must recognize weather conditions might be severe, adverse and/or unpleasant and services and medical facilities may not be available or accessible or coherent according his country’s laws.

For the purposes of this private policy, “personal information” means information that identifies a specific person or is about a person that can be identified, such as the full name, email address, bulletin options, purchase of products or magazines and consumptions products preferences.


THE PERU TRAVEL describes on its private policy the treatment of information we compile from you and when you visit our websites, apps or other services that contain a link to private policy, or otherwise are referred to private policy URL (collectively, “Services”). Our private policy also describes other sources that we use in order to obtain more information about you, and it lets you know how use, share and protect your information and what options do you have about how your information is used and shared. By using the services, you accept private policy terms and conditions and accept our compilation, use and disclosure of your personal information as it’s said in the following statement.


We have a number of administrative, technical, physical, personal and commercial reasonable measures designed to safeguard information in our possession against theft, non-authorized use and disclosure or modification. However, no one can guarantee complete safety of your information.