Inca Trail is on the world’s eye

According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, Peru ranks third among the developing countries “prepared” to be adventure destinations

Adventure tourism is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world. With this premise, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and the International Institute of Tourism Studies, George Washington University, carried out the study “Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI)”, which evaluates the performance of countries in tourism field. For this, a panel of 185 experts was formed, including marketing professionals, travel agencies, consultants and tourism developers. In addition, the report considered the opinions of travelers published on recognizing travel and tourism websites. The study developed a ranking that analyzes various characteristics of destinations, such as transportation facilities, accommodation, climate,natural and cultural resources, safety, tourist attention, travel costs, among other aspects. It should be noted that for this evaluation, the number of tourists who arrived in the countries was not taken into account.

The information about the destinations was collected and organized in three fundamental pillars: the preparation of the places evaluated, the security and reception and the level of adventure.

World ATDI Ranking

At a general level, the countries best placed in the ATDI ranking are Iceland, Switzerland and Germany, since they have favorable conditions for adventure related tourism development, which reinforces their great global potential for competitiveness of these activities.

For its part, Peru occupies the third position among the “developing” countries with the best preparation for adventure activities. China is in the first place and Slovenia is in second place. Germany, France and the United Kingdom are the developed countries with the highest scores in this category. In terms of security and reception of destinations, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland are the developed countries with the highest score, while Cuba, Belarus and the Czech Republic are the most prominent developing countries.

At the level of adventure, Iceland, Switzerland and Ireland lead the ranking among developed countries. Bahrain, Singapore and Chile, in turn, are developing nations with the best qualifications.

Popular hiking Destinations

According to ATTA, hiking is called a multi-day experience in a natural environment, through a paid tour or independently. During the trip, tourists move on foot and load their provisions.

For the purpose of the research, the three most popular hiking attractions in the world were selected, according to the opinion of international tour operators, such as G Adventures or REI, and mentions of such places in specialized media such as magazines or adventure programs. It also took into account the monitoring of the reviews posted by travelers on TripAdvisor, All Trails and TourRadar.

The places chosen were Mont Blanc in the European Alps, the Everest base camp in Nepal and the Peruvian Inca Trail.

Inca Trail Evaluation

The analysis highlights that nine out of ten web reviews on the Inca Trail are positive. In them, travelers highlight the emotional aspect of the experience (19%), the guidance service (13%) and the landscape (10%). On the other hand, most of the negative observations focused on safety and health (22%) related to altitude sickness, climate (14%) and the number of tourists (10%). In the evaluation of factors, Peru obtained the following qualifications (on a scale of 0 to 10): 7.85 in entrepreneurship, 7.71 in sustainable development, 7.68 in the country’s image, 7.10 in infrastructure, 6 , 90 in adventure activities and 6.77 in natural resources.

In the area of ​​entrepreneurship, the report states that almost 55% of the reviews highlighted the quality of customer service, knowledge and friendliness of the staff in adventure activities. Also, the stories and information related to the nature and culture of the destination, which the guides shared with tourists during the trip, were highlighted.

On the other hand, travelers indicated that it is a very demanding route, which requires adequate preparation and care, especially when the weather or altitude increases the difficulty of the journey.

For most tourists, the experience of camping along the Inca Trail met their expectations, while the food and support of the camp staff exceeded what they had imagined.

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