Machupicchu was named world’s first sustainable wonder

This year is Machu Picchu historic sanctuary 12 anniversary as one of the world’s seven wonders.Therefore, Machu Picchu village city hall, led by the NGO Inkaterra Asociación and Aje Group, decided to declare the Archaeological Complex as the First sustainable  world wonder.


The aforementioned strategic alliance had already made Machu Picchu the first city in Peru and Latin America to manage most of its solid waste responsibly, to protect and benefit its cultural and natural heritage, as tourists affluence and generated waste increases every year.


Since 2017 , the City hall donated a plastic compactor machine to process 7 tons of garbage per day; the following year, the Transformation plant of Oil and Kitchen in Biodiesel and Organic Glicerina was opened within Inkaterra hotel facilities to continue picking up later in the homes, hotels and restaurants of Machu Picchu Town. Finally, a few months ago, Inkaterra and AJE Group delivered another Plastic Waste Compactor Plant and the last initiative the first Organic Waste Treatment Plant opening, that processes eight tons of garbage waste per day to generate bio-coal. 


In this regard, village’s mayor Darwin Baca said: “Our World wonder  is now perceived as a sustainable destination and becomes an example of management for ecotourism worldwide.” On the other hand, the president and founder of Inkaterra, José Koechlin, claimed that, in effect, the ecological conscience of the community was reactivated, which today segregates most of its waste from homes and establishments at its point of origin. These initiatives are reducing  pollution of the Inca Trail, the Vilcanota River and the surroundings of the Wonder. In addition, they contribute to the agricultural productivity of ancestral populations in  Machu Picchu district great heights.


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