Mancora was well visited last year

Máncora was one of the most preferred tourist attractions last year.

Piura, “The eternal heat city, is considered Peru’s one of the best places to vacation whether it’s winter or summer. Its beaches such as Máncora, Vichayito or Los Órganos are not only preferred by Peruvians, but also by foreigners looking to relax and enjoy good food. Thus, according to Mincetur data, among the 4 million 400 thousand foreign tourists who arrived in the country in 2018, 8.6% traveled to Piura.

Edgar Vásquez, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, revealed that about 370,000 people were those who arrived in Piura. He also announced that they will continue working to make this number bigger and to reach more tourists.

The travelers came mostly from Ecuador (21%), followed by Chile (16%) and Argentina (12%). The director also stated that the destinations that received the most tourists were Máncora with (86%), Piura (47%), the Ñuro and Catacaos (13%) (11%) respectively.

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