Amazon one of the best destinations for 2019

Out of 28 cities chosen by National Geographic, Peruvian Amazon ranks second place on the list.

Peru keeps standing out before the world’s eyes. This time, the prestigious magazine National Geographic chooses Peruvian Amazon as one of the worth visiting places during 2019.

This article was written by Maryellen Kennedy Ducket, are included 28 must-see destinations which National Geographic invites to know. Amazon included in Peru’s ranks second place by its food and territory

According Kennedy Ducket, the article quotes National Geographic’s Peruvian geothermal scientist Andres Ruzo, who highlights Peruvian amazon’ s wonders.

“We have high and low jungles, cloud forests, flooded forests, huge swamps, waterfalls, jungle ruins, isolated mountain peaks, and the world’s biggest thermal river: Amazon Boilling river” stated the Peruvian Explorer.

Andres Ruzo emphasizes “ cuisine and culture mix” as well. “Chefs are exploring wild jungles in order to find the new and audacious  flavors”, says.

Lima’s main chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, has teamed up with cruise operator Aqua Expeditions in order to support sustainable fishing practice at Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, where the Aria Amazon Cruise navigates. Yaguas’ national reserve creation in 2018, saved millions of acres of Peruvian Amazonian wilderness areas.

Finally, Ducket points out the ocelot, a carnivorous mammal of the field family. “Peruvian Amazon has one of the densest ocelot concentrations all over the world” stressed the scientist.

World Wonder

It should be noted that Amazon (South America) is considered the world’s natural wonders. The 7 Wonders Foundation stated that Amazon represents a great international attraction due to increasing interest by nature tourism.

It covers Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyane Francaise, Suriname and Venezuela territories. However, Peru is the second country with largest extension of it after Brazil.

The River born in Arequipa and its trajectory, it can be seen a wide number of endemic  bird species, in addition to vegetable and animal exceptional richness.


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