New regulations about Machupicchu Access

The Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Rogers Valencia, declared today that the central government is working in order to make Machupicchu Citadel’s entry tourists more orderly.
According to that, a new measure will be implemented in 2019. Since January 2019 Machupicchu entry will be regulated for hours, it will be performed via pre-inscription and the outcome will be a “better order and a better experience for the visitor,” said the Ministry.
Mincetur (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism) stated that Peru’s Culture Ministry supports the initiative. The measure is supported by the Environment Ministry , many other Cusco Region Authorities and Tourist Syndicates.
The main change is that, from 2019 the visitor will be able to remain at the citadel only for a maximum of 4 hours. By doing so, the long queues and congested access roads will be forgotten. However, the new norm that said that tourists must be with an official guide won’t be modified.


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