Peru is chosen one of Latin America´s most attractive countries.

Who provided the information?

Survey Company Ipsos revealed the results of its latest report about Latin American countries attractive for tourists in 2018.

This report includes the responses of more than 300 opinion leaders and Latin American journalists surveyed for this research.

Such measurement presents rankings from the region most attractive countries keeping in mind others, such as historical, natural, cultural, gastronomical and musical.

With 77% of opinions in favor, Peru was chosen the best gastronomical destination in Latin America, surpassing Mexico (55%) and Argentina (43%). Because of that, Peru ranked second in Historical attractions (74%) and forth in Natural attractions (28%)

The Ipsos research 2017 edition gives us interesting information. Peru was ranked fourth among Latin America most attractive countries. behind Brasil, Mexico and Argentina. In addition, in 2016, led the list in gastronomy and second regarding historical attractive.

The online survey was from October 2 to 29, 2018. While 362 people from 14 different Latin American countries. Opinion leaders and prominent journalists who regularly disseminate their views in the media in Latin America were the participants.

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