Peru participated in an important gastronomic tourism fair

Our country is considered South America’s best gastronomic destination.


The Ibero-American Gastronomy Fair (FIBEGA in Spanish) ended yesterday, an exclusive event for creating networks and businesses the international gastronomy tourism sectors, which took place from May 10 to 12 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. In it, various countries showed their best gastronomic representations to promote tourism and Peru was no exception. In the Peruvian pavilion,  the dishes were done with the so-called ‘Superfoods’ quinoa, Yukon, kiwicha, among others highlighted. These ingredients were shown as part of the sustainable kitchen network that ensures social development in the area where they are prepared.

The stand of Peru and its ‘showcookings’ had as a star the chefs Arlette Eulert, owner Matria in Lima, who also works in the US TV program “Know Peru”, which shows the flavors of Peruvian cuisine to foreign palates. Danny Kou, who was one of the writers of the best seller “Quinoa, five continents” and “gastronomic ambassador of Peruvian food” for Sierra Exportadora, also stood out. Also Xarles Thomson, who has worked hand in hand with Gastón Acurio and Javier Wong, as well as in the fourth best restaurant in the world DOM in Sao Paulo.

According to Rafael Ansón, FIBEGA president, gastronomic tourism has become the spearhead of economic development and the tourist promotion of international destinations. In that sense, Peru could delight  more than 5 thousand visitors with three of its 30 thousand typical dishes, carefully chosen by Chef Eulert: the fan shells, the quinoa juanes and mashua puca picante.

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