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Peru will increase at 8 or 9 % foreign visits during 2019

Keep Coming to Peru

Foreign tourists will keep coming to Peru this year. That is the reason why tourism in Peru will increase between 8 to 9% in 2019. Thanks to the internal and external flight connection improvement. It will make things easier for visitors to travel to different places of the country.

According to Peru’s Tourism promotion vice director, Sandra Doig, connectivity is key. As highlighted in first place internal flights such as Cusco to Iquitos, or external such as Bogota and Santiago. Intern connections “help us a lot” stated Doig, since foreign tourists use to arrive in Lima and then go to Cusco in order to visit the city and Machupicchu. However, after visiting Cusco and its wonders they are able to visit other places. Places like the Amazon or north area’s beaches, without dropping by the capital.

In addition, Latin America low cost airlines are helpful for internal tourism growth. Since 4.1 million visitors in 2017 were Chilean.


Foreign Tourists preferences and nationalities

Doig stated as well that thanks to these new connections, the number of foreign visitors in 2019 will increase between 8 and 9 %. On the other hand, 147.000 Spanish tourists visited Peru in 2017, and in this year a 6% increase is expected. Sandra Doig also pointed out Spanish visitors “high level” of recurrence, because they return to Peru after 5 years since their last trip.

We could say Latin Americans Tourists are more interested in beaches, while European or North American Tourists preferred adventure tourism in the Amazon, that covers more than 60% Peru’s territory.

Peruvian Head also stated the remarkable growth in Chinese tourism, although in absolute numbers it’s still a low number. In 2017, 31.400 Chinese tourists entered Peru, and for 2019 it expects a 30% increase.

What About the Pacific Alliance?

Doig highlighted Pacific Alliance work composed of countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru because citizens from these countries no longer need visas to travel to Pacific Aliance country members; and promotion of Chinese tourism, since the Asian giant is the world’s most tourist sender.

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