Peru’s tourism bureau is trying to attract more chinese tourists

“Strong” Is seeking to take advantage of air connections between North America and Central America.

Due to the great potential of Chinese visitors and the new air routes that open from North America and Central America, Édgar Vásquez, Foreign Trade and Tourism portfolio head, announced that, from his office, they are looking to attract more tourists from the Asian country.

“We have the chance to encourage the arrival of more Chinese tourists, but there is an issue of (improving) infrastructure (airports). A series of routes between China and the American continent are already being developed, and we can take advantage of it. There are flights with connections in Mexico and Panama, for example,” stated the minister.

In that sense, he specified that the Terracotta Warriors of Xian, attractively considered World Heritage, receive 800 million Chinese tourists annually, while Peru receives 4 million foreign visitors in the same period of time.

In addition, Vásquez said that he’s looking to positioning the country as the second recipient of investment in the region and that electronic commerce represents an important tool to generate connections and exchanges with China.

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