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A chance to visit this wonderful sanctuary located at the top of the mountain, Choquequirao, a place where few ones can get. ‘Choquequirao five full day trek’, a less popular alternative, but more demanding and pristine than the famous Inca Trail

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Explore going in a trek the architectonic sanctuary created by the Incas by going into a 5 day adventure to the vast and the mythical Choquequirao ruins. At the top of the mountain, located at  the remote Vilcabamba mountain range, a place not frequently visited by tourists. It is said that Choquequirao is 7 times bigger than its fellow city Machupicchu, by now, only 15% of the Sanctuary has been restored from the jungle.

  • Thanks to our mattress therm A-Rest and a two people wide tent, feel sure you’ll have a comfortable and warm rest. Mules will carry your belongings to the campsites.

Take a little look of what you cand discover:




In order to carry out your booking for the Inca Trail to Machupicchu and guarantee all of our travelers availability you must supply the following information:

1: Full legal name

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*This information must be provided by email and at least two days before your tour. We are direct tour operators.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Profesional Guides
    • All guide team members are native from the region and have a genuine passion to teach other people about their inheritance. They keep respect to our clients and the environment.
  • Permissions
    • By the moment you receive your reservation, we will carry out the the procedure of your entry permission according to availability space. Once your personal data is confirmed, these cannot be changed. The only thing permitted is to update your passport number. The permission includes Choquequirao entry.
  • Instructions
    • The night before your trip the guide will meet you to give you some instructions regarding your adventure. You will receive a duffel bag in order to pack your belongings, then you hand it out to the carrier team . This bag should not exceed 8 kg.
  • Transportation
    • All your transportation is included on this trip. One member of our team will pick you up from your lodge in order to start the trekking. All transportation during this trekking is private.
  • Equipment
    • One of the The Peru Travel desires is  our clients to feel comfortable while they are using our camping team, and you will since our camping team is wide and comfortable. We have a special tent where our clients will have their meals as well
  • Emergency horse
    • All our alternative trips include an additional horse in order for our clients to use it if they need a rest after trekking.
  • Meals
    • The Peru Travel chefs specialize in well-known Peru’s cuisine. They use only natural products, in case you have some restrictions with some meals, you must indicate the moment you make your booking. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included every day during the trip, along with tea and snacks. The first breakfast and the last day’s lunch are not included.
  • Water
    • Since your first lunch until your last breakfast, The peru Travel will provide you all water you need. Water will be boiled, filtred and then chilled before its distribution. You have to give us your own water bottles. It’s recommended to take a canteen and avoid the use of plastic bottles.
  • First Aid
    • Every The Peru Travel guide has been trained in first aid by the Red Cross. Your guide will always have a first aid kit for basic medical issues and oxygen. In case of extreme urgency, the company will be in charge of your transfer, immediate evacuation and coordination of your insurance in order for you to be treated as soon as possible
  • Extras
    • We believe that paying attention to little details makes the difference between other companies. Each hiker receives a small pillow and trekking cane; these items will help you to improve your experience.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Sleeping bag
    •  It’s recommended to take with you your own one, however we can rent you one.

Sleeping bag: $ 25



    We step Cusco aside and we start exploring stone-made monolites in Sayhuite (2.5m). Drop by the beautiful villages with panoramic views of everlasting snowcapped mountains in the Vilcabamba mountain range. Start your adventure towards the Apurimac canyon at Capuliyoc sightseeing (2850m). A zigzag path will embark you into the beautiful canyon until we get to Playa Rosalinda (1520m) where you will be able to bathe with the mythical Apurimac river water.


    Open your eyes by listening to the roaring Apurimac river, cross by this mythical river, explore little villages lost in maps such as Santa Rosa and Maranpata. Camp next to Choquequirao ruins, explore unique and colorful scenarios, full of diverse microlimates. Go by from the ruggy and tough Apurimac Canyon to the beautiful greenness of Choquequirao.


    Discover Choquequirao, located in a small hill over Apurimac Canyon. Explore this amazing Inca sanctuary, between its attractions we can find its curved terraces, ritual baths and a beautiful main square. Explore buildings at the lower part, that even today is still a mystery. Choquequirao was not mentioned in Spanish chronicles and even Hiram Bingham visited it, he did not realize its significance. Large areas are still covered by the lushy cloud forest.


    On this day explore the wonderful Apurimac canyon, go all the way down into a rugged, unique geography where you will be able to camp having an spectacular panoramic view of the Apurimac river and canyon at San Ignacio ranch.


    Explore stunning landscapes with subtropical oasis such as La Villa de los Loros (The parrots villa) where you will board our transportation to get back to Cusco in a 4 hour trip.

You will camp through the tour

First day:
You will camp at PLAYA ROSALINDA.

Second day:
You will camp at CHOQUEQUIRAO.

Third day:
You will camp at CHOQUEQUIRAO.

Fourth day:
You will camp at HACIENDA SAN IGNACIO.

You will board our transportation to get back to Cusco.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Camp inclusionsDay meals and camping equipment

Camp team.

Camp Exclusions

We give you the camping equippement but:

  • Sleeping bag

The confirmation will be sent via email. You can print it and show it to your guide before the tour starts. You will have as well, your travel assessor email, who will assist you on every question or doubt you could have.

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For every tour we use only modern vehicles including enough space and capacity in order for you to feel cozy and comfortable during the trip. Each vehicle is equipped with air-conditioning, reclining seats and a high-quality audio system.

No, because we handle exclusive groups. The cost may vary according to the language, Spanish, Portuguese or English. In case you wish the guidance service in any other language, please contact us.

We recommend you to carry sunglasses, comfortable shoes and a camera as the most important items.

Of course, please send us an email with your address, zip code and city and we will send it to you right away.

We recommend that you book your preferred tour dates as soon as possible to assure departure dates. Note that we have limited vacancies.

That’s no problem at all! All you need is to show your passport or your ID to the guide before the trip starts. You can request it by email and we will be glad to send it to you back.

THE PERU TRAVEL has been running top-quality private trips to Machu Picchu since 2005. In 2010 we decided to run Peru and Bolivia.

Note that THE PERU TRAVEL won’t take any responsibility for any object that is inside its vehicles. Any item we find will be taken to our Cusco office. You can contact us in our office to ask for the lost item.

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