Colca Canyoc

Unesco recognizes Colca Canyon and Andagua Valley

The Andean politician Mario Zúñiga Martínez expressed recent official recognition from UNESCO. The Colca Canyon and Andagua Volcano Valley as a Geopark. It will encourage more tourists to visit the region since the title is a brand that will bring recognition and greater visibility international to the place. “A Unesco Geopark is itself  a differentiated tourist attraction, of great historical, scientific and cultural value. In fact, more tourists will arrive and as a result, the population will benefit from it, ” stated Zúñiga Martínez.

He said that the Unesco granted title will also allow the population to benefit and develop through international funds based on projects that are raised on the new Geopark.

“Rural development initiatives can be carried out in research areas, Geo-education, Geotourism and other related sustainable economic activities,” Zúñiga added.

Local people will benefit from it.

“A Geopark improves community life quality, in addition to promoting the creation of new jobs for residents of the area. When they are responsible for their management in a more dedicated way,” said the Andean parliamentarian. He highlighted that there are a few Geoparks recognized by Unesco in South America: in the case of the Geopark “Colca Canyon and Andagua Volcano Valley” it’s due to its geological importance, due to the multiplicity of ecological, cultural and ethnographic sites of great value.

“It’s a stone formation in the world, where about a hundred volcanic cones of different sizes have been identified. Which constitute a  typical spectacle of prehistoric eras, and carries to a figurative lunar landscape. We could say that it was fair to recognize this world’s wonder “, concluded the Andean parliamentarian Mario Zúñiga Martínez.

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