We were at the Peru Travel Mart 2019

One  week ago, the Peru travel Mart started in Lima, Peru. It was an event that brought together almost 130 Peruvian businessmen and more than 150 foreigners from South America, Asia, the United States and Europe. The Peru Travel was present and we made a report about it.

From Peru to the world

The organization of this Peru travel mart edition was “the best in years,” according to Foreign Trade Minister Edgar Vasquez’s statement, and he’s quite right, the event made all of us feel like a great tourist family. Although there was a scheduled cocktail on Friday, the action began the next day. The president was present to officially start the event and since morning Peruvian businessmen were busy showing the best they had to offer to foreign buyers. This will greatly benefit Peruvian tourism according to reports, probably generating business of almost 250 million dollars thanks to Peru Travel Mart. The buyers who came to the stand of The Peru Travel were delighted and left as they were children given chocolate (literal) since we took some samples to the event. If you want to have more information about the chocolate tour, our star product that we offered in the event, click here. Both Peruvian and foreign businessmen certainly enjoyed the buffet and cocktail on Saturday, where we were shown that Peruvian cuisine is one of the best in the world, from desserts and beverages to main courses, we all felt very satisfied with the excellent menu.

We are waiting for the 2020 edition

This time, on Sunday it was the local businessmen’s turn to get more contacts, so the speed networking sessions gave the chance to look for more partnerships, for two hours and in five-minute spaces local businessmen showed the best of their products to foreigners. After a few words of closing by foreign trade minister Edgar Vasquez, the show began. Several Peruvian dances were shown such as the marinera, the huaylash and the scissors dance apart from Peruvian music. The best of Peruvian gastronomy was also present, and we can say that the event exceeded even our wildest expectations, and there’s nothing left to say but that many  people are going to know what Peru has to offer, since it  has a lot and a lot of quality too.

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